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At St. Achilles Kennels, our objective is to be the No. 1 dog breeder in Sri Lanka. In order to achieve this, we adopt several strategies. The main strategy is to import high quality dogs, to be groomed as parents. Secondly, we maintain excellent breeding standards to ensure high quality off-spring.

As for importing dogs, we work with competent people to select promising pups, while maintaining close contact with the overseas breeders.

Further, to maintain good breeding standards, we adopt several tactics such as

Spacious and state of the art kennels.
Controlled and balanced diet.
Regular check-ups with visiting vets to keep the stock biting fit.
Regular exercises and training sessions with expert dog trainers.
Computerized database to maintain dog records.
In this manner, we are able to produce high quality puppies consistently, and our track record is ample proof for this. Further, our honest and straight forward manner of dealing with transactions, has won us a lot of friends in this sphere.

Thus, we are happy to state that we have positively contributed to the improvement of dog quality in Sri Lanka, substantially.

We moved into the dog breeding business in 1991. We registered our kennel name as ‘St. Achilles Kennels’ in 1996. Our first breed was Doberman Pinscher. Gradually we acquired Dalmatians, and then moved onto Rottweilers. The Labrador Retrievers marched in after sometime and our latest acquisition is the Golden Retrievers.

Our debut in Dog Shows was in 2005, with the Rottweiler pup, Dandy of Silverfern, at the CKC dog show, where he became Runner-up. Our winning streak continued with the Dalmatian, ‘Spotty of St. Achilles’, Labrador Retrievers, ‘Drupy of St. Achilles’, ‘Melody Maker of St. Achilles’, Rottweiler, ‘Rona of Silverfern’ and Golden Retriever, ‘Melody’s Choice’.

Our son, Dilruk, became the Best Junior Handler on two occasions at the KASL dog shows in Sept. 2008 and March 2009.

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