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Lumbini Aquaria being the pioneer exporter of Ornamental Fish & Aquatic Plants in Sri Lanka have been catering to the world market with high quality Fresh Water Fish, Brackish Water Fish, Marine Fish, Invertebrates and Aquatic Plants since 1952.

By being in the industry for the past 56 years, we have been able to gather the experience, know how and techniques to deliver quality products to the satisfaction of customers.

This is high lightened as we have been shipping to the world largest customers for over 25 years continuously. Our research and development center is staffed by qualified Aqua culturists who ensure stringent quality controls at all times Lumbini Aquaria’s four fish farms total an extent of nearly 15 hectares and these are situated in close proximity to the international airport.

We endeavor to ensure complete customer satisfaction and we guarantee servicing of customer orders within seven days of receipt. We have been recognized by the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) organization for the contribution made to the industry as one of its members from its inception.

Our extensive product range includes Fresh water fish, Brackish water fish, Cold water fish, Marine, Invertebrates & Aquatic Plants. Our main production of guppies increases up to 1.5 million per month only from Giriulla farm & varieties of Platy & Swordtails are produced in the other farms.

Years of experience and our stability enables us to provide all the requirements of fish while maintaining high quality standards. The order can be processed and made available within 5 to 6 working days, depending on flight availability. This is our commitment to our Customers, which is made possible by the well trained, experienced and dedicated staff of over 105, employed at Lumbini Aquaria.

Our own research and development team carries out trials to further develop our product on packaging as well as the arrival condition of the fish. They have also been able to produce many new strains of Guppies, Platies and Swordtails which gives our clients an edge over our competitors.

A large marine facility which has 80,000 liters of water with the latest filtering systems, enable us to hold in stock many varieties of Marine fish and invertebrates. A large base of collectors from all parts of the island ensures that we have the more sort after varieties of fish, available throughout the season.

Fresh Water Fish

Lumbini Aquaria specializes in forty different varieties of guppies which are currently under commercial production along with another fourteen species which have been recently established.

In addition to our extensive collection of Guppies, we produce several varieties of swordtails, platies along with Mollies, Angels, Barbs, Tetras, Gourami, Rainbows, Danios, Oscars, Discus and Bettas.

Lumbini has always been a friend of nature and our ambitious in house endangered fish breeding project provides us with fish bred in captivity for the export market

Marine Fish & Invertebrates

Lumbini carries a comprehensive variety of marine fish and invertebrates all throughout the year.

All marine fish and invertebrates are hand picked by experienced collectors around the island. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not use any type of “poison” to collect our fish. Our modern sea water marine holding facility consists of filtering systems that ensure our fish stay healthy at all times. The over 10,000 liter marine facility functions as a quarantine facility where we house our marines and invertebrates before exports.

Brackish Water Fish

We collect our brackish water fish from the lagoons of Sri Lanka for export.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants
We also offer our customers a vide variety of aquatic plants which are propagated and grown in plant nurseries for the export market.

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