Animal Welfare and Protection Association (AWPA)

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AWPA is a registered association in Sri Lanka, committed to the caring of stray, abandoned and abused dogs and cats on a not-for-profit basis. AWPA is governed by a committee of volunteers. We perform a vital service of conducting sterilisation programmes across the country,rescuing and sheltering these domestic animals.

Our primary goal is to find responsible, forever homes for these dogs and cats. Our overarching policy is that sterilisation is the only humane solution to reduce the population of unwanted dogs and cats. We rely on the generosity of the public for volunteers and donations. See How you can help and make a difference.

AWPA Shelters

The AWPA provides sanctuary to over 400 dogs and 65 cats in two no kill shelters: Dehiwela Shelter and Kahatuduwa Shelter .

While it is agreed that the best place for a dog or cat is a good home, there are numerous dogs and cats which do not have this privilege. And it is indeed pitiful to see them on the streets foraging in the garbage for food; with unattended injuries, infested wounds, broken limbs and limbs healed in awkward; and suffering from mange. It is with this in mind that the AWPA runs it two shelters.

Wiski, along term resident of the Dehiwela shelter has only two legs on the same side. Five years ago, she was dumped on the road, in the pouring rain with open wound. Against the odds, she is now able to walk based on her momentum and leans against a wall for balance. It is to be seen to be believed

Chance, a resident of four years, was found by a tourist. Chance had emaciated, was suffering from a severe skin condition with bleeding wounds, and had a damaged rear paw forcing him in using only three legs to move around. She appealed to us to help, but the dog was caught with great difficulty and treated at a vet clinic in Colombo for about a month. She was then moved to the Kahatuduwa shelter.

Committee members visit regularly (at least five times a week) to monitor shelter operations and ascertain that the animals are well cared for. Dogs are brushed; scrutinised for skin issues like mange; and checked for ticks and other signs of illnesses. Finally, a weighty dose of TLC is showered on them before leaving. Volunteers from our membership assist us, but the numbers of volunteers are few and we appeal to you to come and spend time with our dogs and cats. To volunteer, please see How you can help.

Separate enclosures are allocated for puppies and kittens into our shelters. There are endless requests to enter these small creatures and we do our best to accommodate all such requests. We appeal to you that you please adopt from the AWPA and do not buy. Give a homeless animal the chance of a good home. Children love puppies and kittens and children are indifferent as to what breed they areā€¦ it all depends on what they learn from the adults.

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