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Mystic Pets

At Mystic Pets we sell Goldfishes And Japanese Koi that are imported from Japan and china. The fishes sold are personally handpicked and selected by us. We don't sell any fishes that are locally bred

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Indusiri aquarium

surathal masun ha siyaluma upanga masun fish tank sadaha wishesha vattam samaga laba ganna adama paminenna durakathanaya amathanna ....

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Sanjeewa Aquatics.jpg
Sanjeewa Aquatics

We use the latest screening technology to identify diseases in order to improve the quality of our fish. Our aim: a healthy harvest. Regular testing,ph monitoring and quality control are daily tasks

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Rishon Aquarium.png
Rishon Aquarium

Exportes Of Live Tropical Fish & Plants

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Monster Fish Enthusiasts.jpg
Monster Fish Enthusiasts

We give you Imported quality rare monster fish with an assurance of the correct fish species

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Waterland Aquarium.jpg
Waterland Aquarium

About anything you need to know related to aquarium fish keeping(Aquarium plants, goldfish, Calps, swordtail, Guppi,Angle,Silver Doller, Tink Foil Fish)Water Plants, Fish Tanks, Calp,Gold Fish, Angl

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Blue Aqua Pets

BLUE AQUA PETS is retail & wholesaler covering Aquarium, Ornamental fish, Pets & all Aquarium Accessories home and garden supply. We started selling since 1995, and become Power Seller in a very short

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North West Aquarium

Kingdom Of Ornamental Fish...!Specialist in Importing Arowana.

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Aqua-Topic Discus Farm.jpg
Aqua-Topic Discus Farm

Wel come to Aqua-Topic Discus Farm in Dehiwala. we are specialized DISCUS fish breeding and raising fish farming company establised in 2012.

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 Bhasuru Aquarium - Homagama.jpg
Bhasuru Aquarium

We offer you the best setup for your fish tank / pond . Under our packages or your own customized setup

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Nildiya Aquarium .jpg
Nildiya Aquarium

Nildiya Aquarium is a large scale fish Importing and exporting company established since 1998. The company has been selling fish for the last 16 years.we make any size of a glass tanks, tank decorat

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 Grayling Aquarium.jpg
Grayling Aquarium

Fish and Tank maintenance located in Colombo

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