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Published: April 30, 2021 (7 days ago)

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Tittle : Vittalwadi (2021)
Genre : Drama, Family.
Stars : .
Release : February 05, 2021.
Runtime : 2h 19min.

Storyline: AGully love story Vittalwadi, a basthi in the city Hyderabad. Chandu a localmechanic who involves in local goon fights, falls in love with a girl namedjanaki of the same area, gives her a royal treatment in the basthi, when he isin deep love with her yet to propose, will come to know that janaki is lawyer’sdaughter whom chandu used to feel as dearest friend without age difference. Byknowing that, he drops out of love. Due to this, janaki lacks the royaltreatment which she used to enjoy much. One fine day, lawyer gets heart attack and pleads janaki to getmarried soon when he is alive and stop tying all this nonsense with chandu.What janakiis going to do with this? Does sheaccept her father or waits for chandu’s recovery will the intriguing plot?

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